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1.1 billion rubles will be invested in the expansion of data center on the Vyborg side

“Miran” company began construction of a new phase of its data processing center (DPC) on Evpatoria lane, St. Petersburg.

The commissioning is planned for April 2021. Projecting and construction of the facility is carried out in accordance with Tier III standard. The estimated payback period is from 5 to 7 years. Preliminary lease agreements are signed for about 15% of the total volume of the new phase, negotiations are underway for another 20%.

"Miran owns two facilities in St. Petersburg - on Pirogovskaya embankment (145 server cabinets) and on Evpatoria lane (116).

The first one was opened in 2010, the second one - in 2014. The total area of "Miran" DPC will be about 2500 m2 taking into account the expansion, the total capacity - more than 500 server cabinets, - said "DP" in "Miran".

"In the next two or three years the company also plans to launch another site, but the location has not yet been selected. It can be either St. Petersburg or another million-person city in Russia," Fyodor Rusakov, Miran's head of marketing says.

The founders of “Miran” LLC are Lyudmila and Alexander Sharapov. Alexander Sharapov is a member of the "DP" rating of billionaires (№ 225 in the rating-2020), the owner of Becar Asset Management Group.

According to the data of consulting agency iKS-Consulting in 2020, St. Petersburg accounts for 13% of the total number of parking spaces across the country. That is about 6 500.

The main part of the market is concentrated in Moscow (72%). The undisputed leader in Russia is “Rostelecom” DPC, which has a total capacity of 12,500 racks in its data centers. In December the company opened its first data center in St. Petersburg with a capacity of 800 racks.

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