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Катерина Соболева



Integrated real estate investment management has developed for 27 years. During this time our team has gained sufficient experience to guarantee our partners comprehensive assistance at every stage regardless of the amount of invested funds. The area of our tasks is to form the final investment product which is ready and meets the expectations of our partners. We reach it by organizing the acquisition, structuring, management and implementation of the investment object with profit.



Отели Vertical
Vertical Hotels
Vertical hotels - hotels for millennials, for those who are young in soul and live an active and full life. For such guests not only a high level of comfort and service, but also easy and limitless access to all modern communications is especially important. At the moment, the network has 1 operating hotel and 4 hotels at different stages of construction.
БЦ «Станция»
BC "Station"
BC “Station” is an existing turnkey business with a tenant of class A +. The product is interesting for private investors who choose a stable income from real estate investments, but do not want to deal with the rental of real estate on their own. Entrance to the project starts from 2.5 million rubles.
A service for property owners who want to earn money on a rent and do not want to spend a lot of their time on it. We provide a complex service for the management of your property and provide maximum profitability. Several profitability programs are available for our clients with various levels of owner involvement in the property management process.
Пенсионная однушка
Pension one-room apartment
A traditional understandable turnkey investment for investors. The apartment is purchased on the basis of a thorough comprehensive analysis of the real estate market, produced by a recognized market expert. This apartment is owned by the client and brings a stable income while still growing in price. We have various profitability programs that are most comfortable for the client.
Инвестиций в недвижимость Великобритании
UK Real Estate Investments
Investments in foreign real estate are more stable and predictable than similar investments in Russia. Our company has been operating in this market for many years and our community of investors Becar Asset Management has invested more than $ 200 million in Real Estate projects. At the moment, Becar operates not only in the UK, but also in countries such as the USA, UAE and the Russian Federation.
Клуб Инвесторов
Investors Club
Investors club is an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, learn to earn and receive passive income, using expert assessments, as well as create partnerships. This is also an opportunity to share real experiences.
КП На Берегу
Cottage village On the Shore
Low-rise buildings in a cottage village on the first coastline of Lake Razliv, 2 kilometers from the Ring Road. A quiet village situates on the banks of the Sestroretsky flood, where city noise does not reach people. Peace and tranquility reign are also here. Everyone will find a place for a relaxing walk or entertainment.
Ива дом
Willow house
A modern residential building of comfort class-plus was built at the address of Revolution Highway 12, almost a 20-minute drive from the old city center. Despite the address which suggests a lot of traffic the house will be located in a quiet, cozy green residential yard in the old building of the Krasnogvardeisky district.
Петродворцовые усадьбы
Petrodvorets manors
This is a new suburban quarter of 33 well-maintained land tenure in the Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg. One of the most affordable offers among the plots for the construction of individual housing construction and registration in St. Petersburg.

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